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Ok so you got a xbox, and you wanna softmod it and have tons of fun. If you don't know what what softmod is It lets you mod your xbox w/o opening it.If you are wandaring what you can do with a modded xbox you can play burnt games,play emulaters,And mod games (usally people like to mod halo).

What you need:

Action replay (You need this to transfer
linux to your xbox)

Meccahsult,Splintercell 1, or 007 Agent Under Fire ( you need one of these and it has to be orignal, the reason you need this is because these games have a linux
program in it)

Your gonna need a linux installer each game for if your gonna use meccahsult (i prefer this game) AIM me i have the installer.

If you are gonna use Splintercell (which I recommend) download the installer and profile in the Programs and Tools section on my website. 
(scroll down)

If your gonna use 007 Agent Under Fire ller%20v2.7
(scroll down)

Ok so you got all those Things then your ready.

How To Soft Mod Your Xbox.

1. Open up Action Replay and drag you linux installer into the Pc
Data Base.

2. Now drag you linux installer onto Memory Card.

3. Alright cool you got linux installer on your memory card.

4. Ok now put thay memory card into your memory card and transfer it to your xbox's
hard drive. (make sure you delete all past game saves of the installer you are using)

Some Linux Installers have to parts so copy both of em onto your xbox hard drive.

5. Now ok you got your linux Installer on your xbox. Ok restart your xbox.

6. Put in the game you are using.

7. Ok load up all the profiles and you should see "run linux" go there.

8. Ok it took you to a whole differnt screen it'll say netherlands or english, if u speak better in netherland then pick that if not pick english.

9. The Rest of the questions it'll give you is really easy exept when it asks you if you want Nk patcher.06 or Nk patcher.67 Pick Nk Patcher.06. then when it asks you if you want Unleashedx or evoltuionX. PICK UNLEASHEDX.

10. After that you are all done your xbox is modded.
Enf of tutorial

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