Xbox Controller to Computer Gamepad

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Ok, so you love your Xbox Gamepad, and want to be able to use it for your PC games huh.. Well this article will teach you how to make that extra Xbox controller you got lying around into a USB Game pad with rumble features and everything!


* An old Xbox controller

* A 1.1 male USB Cable

* Scissors / Wire cutters

* Solder (optional) / Electrical tape

* And these drivers

First cut the square end of the USB cable of exposing the cable.

Leave it aside for now and cut the Xbox controller wire off exposing its cables. Set the yellow one aside because you wont use it.

Solder the wires color to color making sure that no wires touch each other. Use the electrical tape to prevent contacts, & to clean it up. Close it all up and plug it in. Windows will detect it but wont be able to install it. Thats where the drivers come in, download the newest version which is an .exe it will install the correct drivers into the OS so that when it detects it you can install automatically instead of the manual (install from specific location). With those drivers every program that uses game pads will detect it, without difficulties. Have fun.

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